This morning, in a fundraising pitch for National Review’s webathon, Jim Geraghty accurately pointed out that, unlike many other media outlets and such, National Review is not under the ChiComs’ thumb:

And that really, really triggered Keith Olbermann for some reason:

Geez, Keith. That escalated quickly.

Aside from the fact that Olbermann’s reaction seems — to put it charitably — disproportionate, he also has zero evidence for his claim that National Review has been in “Trump’s rectum.”

Not even a little bit.

In fact, all of the people Geraghty mentions by name in his tweets — plus Geraghty himself — have been consistent in their criticisms of Donald Trump. Maybe it’s the consistency that bothers Keith. Because it’s been intellectually consistent criticism as opposed to just kneejerk criticism. In Keith Olbermann’s mind, conservative publication National Review must reject everything Donald Trump says or does, even if it happens to be line with conservatism.

Keith Olbermann is an idiot.

Maybe next time, Keith can reserve a little bit of outrage for the Chinese government. You know, the actual bad guys.