In case you missed it, yesterday, Michael Flynn expressed some openness to the idea of a Myanmar-style coup in this country.

Yeah, any way you slice it, that’s bad. But thankfully, it’s most likely not nearly as popular a view as CNN would have you believe:

But for what it’s worth, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman apparently has sources telling her that Donald Trump himself thinks he’s got a shot at being reinstated as president in August:

Since Maggie’s response to the Flynn story was to tweet about what Donald Trump is allegedly telling people, does this mean will there be a Myanmar-style coup for that? We can’t be sure yet. Maggie’s just sharing the information she has.

Plan accordingly, people.

It’s definitely not possible to overreact to Maggie Haberman’s totally legit and not-at-all sketchy scoop on Donald Trump believing that he’ll be president again in a few months.

Just something to keep in mind:



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