In case you missed it, last night, Stephen Colbert brutally Randsplained the COVID19 vaccine to Rand Paul, who has said he won’t be getting vaccinated because he already had COVID19.

It was so brutal, you guys. Behold what HuffPost describes as Colbert’s “hilarious logic”:

Paul, an ophthalmologist, said he’s not getting the COVID-19 inoculation because he’s had the virus and now has “natural immunity.”

“No, they don’t,” shot back Colbert, host of “The Late Show.” “They don’t have to prove that seatbelts are better than accidents, or that wearing a parachute is better than hitting the earth at terminal velocity, or that having hot spikes driven into your ears is better than listening to Rand Paul. It’s self-evident.”

Watch the brutality for yourselves so you can see how very brutal it is (starts around the 3:25 mark):

Wow. That was brutal, wasn’t it? Stephen Colbert sure showed Rand Paul what’s what: namely that SStephen Colbert should probably stick to comedy (though he’s not even really good at that).

Unlike Colbert, Dr. Paul actually went to medical school and can recognize that, as awesome as it is to have a COVID19 vaccine available, people who have already had COVID19 might be reluctant to subject themselves to the unpleasant potential after-effects of the vaccine without knowing for sure how much it would enhance their natural immunity.

One point of contention: Stephen Colbert is not better than this. In fact, his brand is being consistently not better than this.