So here’s the thing about GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: she’s an antisemite.

Homegirl thinks Jewish-controlled space lasers are responsible for California wildfires.

And comparing the House mask mandate to the Holocaust is actually quite offensive to Holocaust victims, who deserve far better than to be invoked to make a political point.

All that said, though, we’re having a really hard time watching the self-righteous indignation from the Left — including outlets like CNN — over Greene’s remarks when you consider the blatant antisemitic filth that’s been emanating from the most vocal and celebrated wing of the Democratic Party.

As if there hasn’t been a far-Left (and even not-that-far-Left) effort to equate Republicans with Nazis.

Forgive us if we’re not impressed with CNN “New Day” host John Berman and American Jewish Congress Executive Director Joel Rubin’s condemnation of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks:

Marjorie Taylor Greene indeed trivialized the Holocaust. So did AOC when she compared CBP and ICE facilities to concentration camps (the Auschwitz Memorial called her out for that one, remember?). But we didn’t get calls from John Berman or Joel Rubin or any liberal media or political personalities for AOC to be expelled from Congress or even reprimanded.

The truth is that the Democratic Party has not just tolerated, but also enabled antisemitism within. AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush … rather than facing any sort of disciplinary action, they’ve been handed microphones over and over again to amplify their anti-Israel, antisemitic, pro-terrorist messaging. One needn’t search old Facebook posts for antisemitic conspiracy theories; they’re right out there in the open, day after day.

So has CNN:

CNN hasn’t expelled her for some reason.

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