Drag queens can be highly entertaining (watch the most recent season of “Nailed It!” if you want proof). The thing is, they’re supposed to be entertaining to adults. When it comes to children’s entertainment, not so much.

And yet, New York’s PBS affiliate, WNET, and the New York City Department of Education don’t seem to see any potential problems with exposing young kids to things like this:

More from the Daily Caller:

The episode is part of the series “Let’s Learn,” a public television series produced in partnership by PBS member station WNET and the New York City Department of Education, WNET spokeswoman Lindsey Horvitz told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The spokeswoman emphasized repeatedly that Let’s Learn is not a PBS series but was made available to PBS stations. The Lil Miss Hot Mess episode first aired March 31, she said, and WNET has received “only a small handful of messages” complaining about the show.

“Let’s Learn helps children ages 3-8 with at-home learning,” a tag on the PBS website said. “One-hour programs feature instruction by educators and virtual field trips.”

We can’t think of too many three- to eight-year-olds for whom this particular episode would be appropriate.

We’re not on an anti-drag-queen crusade. As we explained above, it’s fine if drag queens perform for adult fans who are into it. But calling this children’s programming does a disservice to children, who just aren’t emotionally mature enough to understand it.