Gal Gadot should really be more careful before expressing hope for a peaceful end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

Doesn’t she know that, as an Israeli who served in the IDF, she’s not allowed to want peace? Doesn’t she know that she’s a war criminal with the blood of innocent Palestinians on her hands and genocide on her conscience?

Here are just some of them:

Those tricky, deceiving Jews.

It’s just anti-Zionism, guys.

To many people, there’s no such thing as a “Palestinian.” That’s a debate for another time. But the fact that she’s calling them “neighbors” suggests that she sees them as part of society, as people, rather than as “the other.” And that makes Gal Gadot a monster, somehow?


Well, at least these people are making it perfectly clear that peace isn’t their goal. They won’t be satisfied until Israel is destroyed.

Guess they’d better get used to disappointment, then. Let’s hope that Gal Gadot continues to disappoint them, too, because it means she’s doing something right.