The media were already a hot mess long before Donald Trump ran for president, but Jake Tapper seemed like an important exception to that rule.

And then Donald Trump ran for president and broke Jake Tapper’s brain, too:

More from the New York Post:

“How am I supposed to believe anything they say?” Tapper asked “New Day” hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar. “If they’re willing to lie about Joe Biden wanting to steal your hamburgers and QAnon and the Big Lie about the election, what are they not willing to lie about? Why should I put any of them on TV?”

Yeah, why should Jake Tapper put any of them on TV? He’s got standards, after all.

Ouch. Well, that part of Jake’s argument just crumbled.

That’s what CNN does best.

A better question still: Does Jake Tapper honestly believe that he’s in any position to pass judgment on Republicans’ moral fortitude, like he’s doing here:

“I happen to think the reason that the House Republican leader is so frustrated with Liz Cheney is not because of all the excuses he gives, but because her continued presence is a reminder of the fact that he [McCarthy] is exemplifying cowardice and lies …”

“The lie about the election on its own is anti-democracy and it is sowing seeds of ignorance in the populace and, obviously, it has the potential to incite violence,” Tapper later added.

“But beyond that is, if you’re willing to lie about that, what are you not willing to lie about? And, you know, that’s where we are when it comes to the House Republican leadership — McCarthy and [House Minority Whip Steve] Scalise and where we are with too many leaders of the Republican Party. They’re not willing to tell their voters the truth. What does that say about them?”

The GOP certainly isn’t a party of angels, and there’s really no defending some of the things they have done. That said, though, listening to Jake Tapper, you’d think that the Democrats have never sowed seeds of ignorance or incited violence or lied to their voters. Democrats have in fact done all three of those things, and they do them constantly.

And that’s how you know that Jake Tapper is not a serious journalist, let alone a serious person.