Cathy Reisenwitz has dedicated herself to “decriminalizing and destigmatizing everything sex.” And that apparently involves decriminalizing and destigmatizing … child sex workers?

Well, maybe she has a point. Having your kids doing serial killing could potentially be worse than having your kids do sex work. We’re also making an assumption here that your kid is doing sex work of his or her own volition as opposed to being trafficked into it.

Maybe there’s a stigma for a reason? Like, does anyone out there want their kids to be sex workers? Because should definitely be a stigma when it comes to people like that. And a stigma surrounding child prostitution seems pretty reasonable, if we’re being honest.

Maybe all of those things are bad. Can they all be bad? Even “whorephobia”? We’ll concede that “whorephobia” is bad if Cathy will concede that kids doing sex work is bad.

Yeah, how old are the “kids” in this scenario?

Yes, Cathy has definitely thought this through.

Depends on how much time you’ve got.