As president, Donald Trump enjoyed a warm relationship with Israel. And that’s bad because … well, it just is. At least if you’ve got a problem with Israel.

So, understandably, people out there who don’t like Israel would hope that President Joe Biden’s relationship with the Jewish State would be more frigid. And we get that. After all, Joe Biden’s willing to sit down and resume nuclear talks with Iran, who just so happens to want to wipe Israel off the map.

But apparently, those people may be in for a big disappointment. According to The Week national correspondent Ryan Cooper, anyway:

Here it is in screenshot form:

So much to unpack.

Looks like something Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib would enjoy reading.


Ryan can’t explain it. And he won’t, because that’s not really his point. His point is that Israel and the Jews are pulling Joe Biden’s strings.

As would we.

No surprise that there’s not a bigger uproar about Cooper’s piece, not to mention the accompanying artwork.

Makes us sick to our stomachs.