Recently, Reason’s Robby Soave took a look at an absolutely infuriating case of academic wokeism run amok:

At a panel discussion about microaggressions, UVA School of Medicine student Kieran Bhattacharya took issue with the way “microaggressions” was being defined. He voiced his concerns calmly and reasonably. The university’s response, however, was anything but calm and reasonable.

You should definitely read the whole thing (just be sure to take your blood pressure medication first).

Here’s an excerpt:

On November 26, this suggestion became a mandate: the student was informed that he must be evaluated by psychological services before returning to classes. Bhattacharya repeatedly asked university officials to clarify what exactly he was accused of, under whose authority his counseling had been mandated, and why his enrollment status was suddenly in doubt, according to the lawsuit. These queries only appear to have made UVA officials more determined to punish him: Bhattacharya’s mounting frustration with these baseless accusations of unspecified wrongdoings was essentially treated as evidence that he was guilty. At his hearing, he was accused of being “extremely defensive” and ordered to change his “aggressive, threatening behavior.”

He was ultimately suspended for “aggressive and inappropriate interactions in multiple situations.” On December 30, UVA police ordered him to leave campus.

UVA’s administration engaged in behavior that can be described as “gaslighting.” Administrators asserted that Bhattacharya had behaved aggressively when he hadn’t, and then cited his increasing confusion, frustration, and hostility toward the disciplinary process as evidence that he was aggressive. And all of this because Bhattacharya asked an entirely fair question about microaggressions, a fraught subject.

It’s pure woke garbage, is what it is.

Dr. Pradheep Shanker, who, like Bhattacharya, has experienced life as an Asian-American medical student, is understandably disgusted:

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago, after the Atlanta-area massage parlor shootings, that woke liberals were pleading with everyone to stop anti-Asian racism and hatred? They didn’t seem to have a problem with all the attacks on Asians in the Bay Area and beyond, but hey, at least they finally got around to caring, right? And now, here’s a glaring example of blatant bigotry against an Asian American, and we’re apparently just supposed to be fine with it because it was perpetrated by woke liberals.

Dr. Shanker went on a tear over this, and it was a righteous one:

Seems like a pretty good reason to be frustrated.

Not anymore, evidently:

Exactly. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Final observation from Dr. Shanker:

Maybe the administration should be asked to leave UVA. It’s only fair.