Brian Stelter does a bang-up job as CNN’s chief Fox News expert, but he’s so much more talented than that.

For example, did you know that he’s also very talented when it comes to analyses of books written by adult children of Democratic presidents named Joe Biden:

Stelter writes:

This is not the way we’re used to reading about a child of the president. Hunter’s accounts of drunken benders and cracked-fueled odysseys are downright scary. And his recollections of his brother -— “wish you could’ve known Beau” — are sorrowful.

So far most of the book reviews have been quite positive. Publishers Weekly says his “courageous self-assessment makes the despair of substance abuse devastatingly palpable.” Books Mark has other reviews here. Like Entertainment Weekly’s Seija Rankin, I was struck by the scenes that involved his dad: “The result is, purposeful or not, a portrait of our current President as the ultimate Patriarch.”

It’s also a portrayal of addiction as “really the great equalizer in this country,” as CNN’s Kate Bennett told me after we both read the book. “It’s the one thing that really brought President Biden to his knees.” Read Bennett’s assessment here.

This is Real News, Mr. President.

Really is a mystery as to why CNN’s got a reputation as a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

You’d think so, the way Stelter’s promoting it.

That happens a lot when Brian Stelter’s around.

But Brian Stelter and CNN are fooled, and that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?



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