The COVID19 vaccine is a good thing. A great thing, even.

We’re not sure who still needs to hear that at this point, but the New York Post seems hellbent on keeping that number as high as they can. That’s why they’re pulling crap like this:

Wow! The woman got COVID19 even after getting vaccinated? What is this sorcery? Clearly this means that the vaccine isn’t effective, right?

Breaking news: that’s not what this means. At all:

None of the vaccines approved for use currently offer 100 percent protection from the virus — but health officials continue to stress that vaccinations do help to prevent serious cases, and are a crucial step on the road back to normalcy.

[Melanie] Rosen’s infection is a rare case of a person coming down with the illness following inoculation — something experts say is unlikely, but still possible.

Rosen ultimately fought off a mild bout of COVID-19 — and says she’s thankful she was able to get the vaccine when she did.

In other words, the vaccine did exactly what it’s supposed to do. It prevented her from contracting a potentially fatal case of COVID19.

The New York Post knows (or we sincerely hope they do), but they figured that sowing seeds of doubt would get a lot more clicks. Great journalism, guys.

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