Joshua Foxworth, an aspiring GOP U.S. Representative from Texas 14th Congressional District, totally feels for the Uighurs being subjected to systematic violations of human rights by the Chinese government. But can we please stop focusing on what China is doing?

After all, Europe and America are also conducting genocidal campaigns as we speak:


Wow, we never thought of it that way!

Probably because it’s so stupid.

At least Foxworth is consistent in his opposition to genocide … even genocide that’s not actually happening. So, good for him?

Our thoughts exactly.

Not Foxworth’s, though. He did delete his tweet:

But we have no reason to believe he deleted it out of genuine remorse for making such an offensively wrong statement.

The much more likely explanation is that he just got tired of getting throttled on Twitter. Apparently that’s been happening a lot lately:

Uh-oh, Josh.

So he’s on Team Lauren Witzke, then. Noted.

The List works, folks:

If Foxworth is trying to endear himself to marginalized communities in America (and Europe?), he’s doing it very, very wrong.