Following the news that “Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano was fired (and dropped by her agency) for “offensive,” “abhorrent” tweets, inquiring minds want to know: will Disney director James Gunn, who was rehired after being fired for offensive, abhorrent tweets, come to her defense?

We’re just waiting for word from Gunn. In the meantime, speaking of problematic directors, here’s the Babylon Bee’s take on the situation:

Oh hai, Joss Whedon! Nice to see you again!

More from the Babylon Bee:

“I’m not a Republican actress — I’m actually a toxic, abusive, gaslighting director of many popular shows and films over the years,” Carano said. “I am finally ready to come out of the closet and live my truth.”

Disney’s response was immediate, as the company profusely apologized and hired her back.

“We are so sorry to Ms. Carano for firing her — we did not realize she was actually a sexually abusive male director trapped in a woman’s body,” said a Disney spokesperson. “We applaud her for coming to terms with her true identity and choosing to live her brave new life as a studio executive who does problematic things to women all the time without any repercussions.”

Once again, the Bee has absolutely nailed it.