@AngryBlackLady Imani Gandy, law and policy senior editor for Rewire News Group (“Own your relationship to sex, abortion, parenthood, and power”) recently suggested a solution to the scourge of toxic cis white male masculinity:

Oddly enough, some people aren’t feeling the love for Gandy:

At least Imani’s enjoying herself:

Is it “white fragility” to take offense at someone talking about getting rid of you? If someone tweeted about putting trans black men on a barge and floating them out to see, would Imani’s outrage be out of “black fragility”? Would her anger be *chef’s kiss*?


Get on the barge.

Imani Gandy is reveling in racist, sexist comments with impunity. What’s the word for that? Oh, right: privilege.

Check your privilege, Imani.

And when you’re done checking your privilege, maybe rethink your initial idea. If you’re not a complete moron, it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to find some pretty glaring flaws.


Still like this idea, Imani?

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