Once Donald Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden, we knew we were in for a return to Obama-era fawning media coverage of our president. That was a given.

And so far, they haven’t disappointed.

But CNN’s Oliver Darcy has actually managed to find a way to top the usual takes we’ve been seeing:

Naturally, Darcy focuses mainly on Fox News:

President Joe Biden implored Americans in his inaugural speech to come together and unify, but the right-wing media machine has wasted no time dishonestly trashing him — foreshadowing what the next four years of coverage from outlets like Fox News will look like.

On Fox News Wednesday night, the network decided against airing most of the “Celebrating America” inauguration special — which every other network carried — opting to instead allow propagandists like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity to deliver fiery anti-Biden sermons.

What has CNN been doing for the last four years, if not using their outlet to deliver fiery anti-Trump sermons?