Sounds like Kamala Harris is all set to hit the ground running, at least according to her spokeswoman Symone D. Sanders:


People working closely with Harris on the transition resist the idea of siloing her into any specific issue early on, because the sheer number of challenges the Biden administration faces means it will be “all hands on deck” during their early months. They say she’ll be involved in all four of the major priorities they’ve set out: turning around the economy, tackling COVID-19, and addressing climate change and racial justice.

“She has a voice in all of those. She has an opinion in all those areas. And it will probably get to a point where she is concentrating on some of the areas more specifically,” Sanders said. “But right now, I think what we’re faced with in this country is so big, it’s all hands on deck.”

She’s gonna be busy!

We, too, are extremely shocked that Vice President Kamala Harris will “be a central player” in Joe Biden’s administration, considering that she’s already being regarded by both fans and critics as the de facto POTUS.

Well anyway, if you were wondering how the Biden administration would approach criminal justice reform, at least now you’ve got a pretty good idea.

It will be great, guys. Just you wait and see!