Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: we don’t wish harm on AOC or on any Democratic member of Congress, and there is absolutely no defending last week’s storming of the U.S. Capitol.

That said, though, AOC’s conduct in the wake of what happened has only become more insufferable. She’s spent the past week going on self-righteous tears about how she very nearly lost her life at the hands of violent extremists, despite the fact that she spent a good part of last year encouraging violent protests in the name of making people “uncomfortable.”

What she’s making abundantly clear today is that violence is good except when it happens to her and people who agree with her.

Holy projection, Batman. Does she hear herself?

We can make a very convincing, receipt-filled argument that AOC had no problem with violent mobs putting people’s lives in danger. Not just Republican politicians’ lives, but the public’s lives. AOC didn’t seem to care about mobs threatening people’s lives until the threat was turned on her.

And speaking of receipts, we’re gonna need to see some now:

So stunning and brave, doing a press conference despite a knife- and gun-wielding mob being just feet away.

Seems like a pretty big deal, putting herself in danger like that. Weird that we haven’t seen any footage or heard about it until now.

That trip was purely for photo ops, yet she’s got no photos showing the alleged mob that allegedly could’ve killed her.

So. Weird.