Yesterday, we told you about former NBA coach George Karl shaming Clay Travis for not being “more accountable” for the violence at the Capitol, despite the fact that Travis was, you know, not accountable for the violence at the Capitol.

We hadn’t realized that Karl was so inclined to wade into the political waters.

Maybe that’s because he hasn’t been nearly as outspoken as Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who is still clinging bitterly to his title of Most Woke NBA Coach.

Here are some remarks he made last night, which are, oddly enough, not about basketball:

There it is.

We knew it would happen … we just didn’t realize how fast.

Plenty of conservatives contend that Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz’s insistence on overturning the election results was counterproductive and stood in stark contrast to the constitutional norms the senators have said they want to protect. But what Popovich is doing isn’t just calling out their apparent hypocrisy; he’s getting a jump on the Left’s campaign to paint the next GOP president as worse than the last one. Trump is horrible, but the next guy will be so much worse so we’d better make sure that the Dems stay in charge or we’re going to end up with the evil spawn of the ghost of Literally Hitler.



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