We thought Kimberly Klacik had some pretty interesting and important things to say when she was running for Congress as a GOP candidate in Baltimore.

And then the election ended and she lost and things took a turn for the weird.

About a month ago, she was channeling Stacey Abrams:

Not a great look, Kim.

Nor is this from over the weekend:

Just the facts, ma’am. Wait, what?

Was that her goal?

Yeah, but she wasn’t just pointing out that these women are Chinese for the hell of it, was she? Lumping Priscilla Chan and Elaine Chao in with Fang Fang is deliberately disingenuous and dog-whistle-y.

But for what it’s worth, Klacik’s not apologizing for any of it:

And that’s her prerogative.

But it’s also others’ prerogative to call her out for this crap.

Happy trails, Kimberly Klacik.