Because everything is stupid, media and Democrats (but we repeat ourselves) are continuing to blow gaskets over people who don’t want to refer to Jill Biden, Ed.D., as Dr. Jill Biden.

Thing is, Jill Biden is not a doctor. So there isn’t really any reason to refer to her as Dr. Jill Biden. Unless, of course, you’re trying to paint the noncompliant as sexists.

Anyway, we’ll continue to refer to Biden by her name. As will, we suspect, Ben Shapiro, who makes an interesting point about all the hubbub over Biden’s title:

Hate to break it to those championing Call-Her-Dr. Jill Biden — including Jill Biden herself — but she’s not, in fact, stunning and brave.

Plenty of people who have earned their doctorate don’t feel the need to shame people who don’t address them as “Dr.” What makes Jill Biden so special?

A lot of people are dunking on Shapiro for making a big deal out of this. But who’s really making the big deal out of it? People like Shapiro who are rolling their eyes at all the pearl-clutching, or the pearl-clutchers themselves?

Congratulations to Jill on obtaining an Ed.D. Not everyone can say they’ve done that. But this “Dr.” business is getting old.