Great news from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who’s apparently spoken to Joe Biden about student debt forgiveness:

Well, not all borrowers … as Schumer emphasizes, “if your income is above $125,000, it doesn’t affect you.”

The thing is, it does affect people whose income is above $125,000 because some of that income will have to go toward paying off other people’s student loans. But higher-income Americans with student loan debt would actually fare pretty well anyway, because poorer ones are less likely to have gone to college. And poorer working-class Americans will also be on the hook for helping to foot the bill that will fund student debt forgiveness.

How is that “good for everybody,” Chuck?

What Schumer refuses to acknowledge is that the federal government’s involvement in higher education financing is a huge part of why student debt is so astronomically high.

We’re all paying for it. Even the ones who think they’re not.

As well they should be.

Because from where we’re sitting, this isn’t “good for everybody.” Not by a long shot.

Something for all the lefties cheering Schumer and Biden over this to keep in mind:

This won’t be good for everybody. But you can bet it’ll be good for the federal government’s pockets.