Barack Obama’s not the only one singing songs of unity today.

Here’s his buddy David Axelrod, who broke podcast bread with old enemy Mitt Romney:

David has come to know and admire Mitt Romney as a person. Isn’t that special? It’s so special!

Or how about this?

David Axelrod tweeted that on October 12, 2012. And even back then he knew that Mitt Romney was a nice guy:

So Mitt Romney did something fundamentally decent, and Axelrod went on to participate in and push the Obama campaign’s smears about him.

Romney will never get an apology from anyone associated with the Obama campaign. Certainly not a sincere apology.

Which actually has us kind of scratching our heads as to why Mitt Romney would indulge someone like David Axelrod …

Romney’s not stupid. He should know better than to give Axelrod the satisfaction of thinking he’s taken the high road.

Without a doubt.