Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a United States Representative, but her true calling is motivating the masses.

Amazingly, she somehow manages to do both, as evidenced by her “grassroots” campaign to ensure that Georgia’s next two U.S. Senators are Democrats:

First of all:

Yeah, we’d definitely like to see her work here. Claiming that Georgia is “a voter-suppressed state” is a pretty serious charge and as far as we can tell, AOC has not presented any supporting evidence, so you’d think this would merit at least a “this claim is disputed” warning from Twitter. But AOC’s politics are Twitter’s politics, so she can say whatever she wants.

Not that that will ultimately help her cause, though. Because no one is more capable of exposing AOC as the woefully self-deluded clown she is than AOC herself.

Watch (via Townhall; starts around the 2:48 mark):

Find you someone who loves you as much as AOC loves “helping” the Democrats.

AOC has indeed been a blessing to the GOP.

Still, though, it’s better not to give her the satisfaction of thinking that she can get away with this stuff.