We know the Washington Post is all in for Joe Biden, but now it’s just getting ridiculous:

Democratic New York State Sen. Brad Hoylman writes:

Still, President Trump and his supporters are intent on making Biden’s love for his son into a liability. They spread conspiracy theories and demean Hunter Biden’s struggle with addiction. They point to the photo of father and son, and they ask on social media: “Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?” They suggest something illicit, fueling the false QAnon conspiracy theory that Joe Biden is a leader of an international child sex trafficking ring. This isn’t just baseless and dangerous; it’s also homophobic.

First of all, we can’t speak for everyone, but a handful of jerks who apparently don’t know that fathers kiss their sons and fringe QAnon losers don’t exactly constitute “President Trump and his supporters. Moreover, legitimate questions have been raised — and are still being raised — about Hunter Biden using the Biden name to get cozy with foreign business execs who could potentially scratch Joe Biden’s back.

What’s love got to do with it?

Find you a father who loves you as much as the Washington Post loves Joe Biden, and you’ll be very lucky indeed.