We’ve already been warned that the violence won’t stop unless Joe Biden is elected president. But if the violence stops, how’s Joe gonna raise money?

We ask because Biden (or, more likely, his handlers) has decided to go all-in in solidarity with those mourning the shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr. Wallace was killed by police after coming at officers with a knife, and Philadelphia is burning because that’s just what people do these days when they feel an injustice has been done.

It mattered enough to fundraise off of, anyway.

Here’s what you get if you click on the link in Biden’s tweet:

You can read Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ statement on this tragedy, but won’t you please consider sending them money first? How can they put an end to the violence if they don’t have your financial support?

Whatever the narrative requires, Joe Biden will do it. You can count on it.

At best.


And par for the course on the Left.

Biden scratches their backs, they’ll scratch his.

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