On Saturday, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Arms Control Marshall S. Billingslea had the nerve to suggest that the Chinese government is less than trustworthy:

Here’s Obama administration alumnus Ben Rhodes’ take on that:

If anyone’s an authority on making America look stupid and unserious, it’s Ben Rhodes.

Anyway, Tom Cotton’s senior defense/natsec adviser John Noonan took issue with Rhodes’ take:

And that’s when Tommy Vietor saw a golden opportunity to chime in — and you can bet he seized it:

Tommy should’ve stopped there. He should’ve stopped before that, to be honest, but the second-best thing would’ve been for him to stop there.

He didn’t:


What a chump.

Pro tip: Don’t take dudes like Tommy Vietor seriously. Because they are not serious people.

They’re just looking for some lovin’. Gotta get it where they can.

Better take his phone away, too. Just to be safe.



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