Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project” author Nikole Hannah-Jones has recently decided that — contrary to what she’s said on-record a bunch of times — she never meant for her magnum opus to discuss “the true founding” of America.

Hannah-Jones has been on this all weekend:

Clearly Nikole Hannah-Jones is not well if she actually believes that she didn’t say the things she said.

What’s extra-fun about this is that the New York Times is aiding and abetting Hannah-Jones here:

Ha! Count on it.

And you know who’s gonna go along with that without pause?

Mr. Reliable Sources himself, CNN’s own Brian Stelter. Not only is Stelter willing to pretend that Hannah-Jones and the New York Times aren’t engaged in some brazen gaslighting attempts, but he’s actively defending Hannah-Jones’ honor from Donald Trump:

“An attack against journalism”? How does that work, exactly, when Hannah-Jones is now trying to pretend that we all hallucinated what was explicitly stated by both her and the New York Times?

How does Brian Stelter look at himself with a straight face?

Seriously. Brian’s hitching his wagon to the wrongest possible horse.

Which is actually his M.O., so.