Be more like Europe, they said. Europe is so much more worldly and sophisticated than America, they said.

Let’s see what’s going on in Europe, shall we? Here’s a look at Denmark:

Allllrighty then.

FYI, the Times meant to say “body shaming.” Though that doesn’t really make this story less disturbing.

Yes. Yes it is.

If the New York Times is attempting to normalize pedophilia — or at least the sexualization of children — we’re honestly not sure what they’d be doing differently.

From the article:

The program is now in its second season, and while perhaps a shock to non-Danes, it is highly popular in Denmark. Recently, however, a leading member of the right-wing Danish People’s Party, Peter Skaarup, said he found “Ultra Strips Down” to be “depraving our children.”

“It is far too early for children” to start with male and female genitalia, he told B.T., a Danish tabloid. At that age, he said, they “already have many things running around in their heads.”

“They have to learn it at the right time,” he added, saying this information should be presented by parents or schools “so that it is not delivered in this vulgar way, as the children’s channel does.”

The New York Times is very deliberately framing opposition to parading naked adults in front of children as a “right-wing” position.

So basically they’re taking the “Cuties” defense route. If that’s what they want to do, well, best of luck to them.

The closest the New York Times comes to pointing out why a program like this might be problematic is … well, actually, they don’t really do that at all. The whole thing comes off like an explainer of how America can learn a lot about inclusiveness and body positivity from those forward-thinking Danes.

And that’s messed up.

Yes, please. Let’s not.