The ACLU is pretty stoked that Portland Police are getting their hands tied a little bit tighter:

AOC’s pal, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey, is pretty stoked, too. So stoked, in fact, that he wants to make it a nationwide thing:

Markey, along with Bernie Sanders (of course), introduced legislation back in June “to ban the use of tear gas and rubber bullets by law enforcement.”


The No Tear Gas or Projectiles Act would prohibit federal, state, and local law enforcement officers’ use of tear gas and rubber bullets by banning federal officers’ use of riot control agents and kinetic impact projectiles, and by restricting the allocation of federal funding to state and local entities that do not ban riot control agents and kinetic impact projectiles. The legislation also creates a civil penalty for law enforcement officers who violate the prohibition, as well as establishes a private right of action for their victims. The Chemical Weapons Convention bans the use of riot control agents – including tear gas – in warfare, but U.S. law enforcement can still use them against civilians.

This is definitely the answer to our current problems.

Idiots? Yes. That’s who they are, all right.

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