If you’ve been paying attention — and reading Twitchy — you’ve no doubt begun to notice a very interesting and informative pattern developing when it comes to how the rash of political violence is covered by our ostensibly objective media.

But nobody knows how to put it into perspective quite like Drew Holden. In another one of his trademark receipt-filled threads, Holden shines a glaring spotlight on the cognitive dissonance that plagues the media and casts doubt after doubt on their credibility:

As Holden notes, the media aren’t the only ones playing fast and loose with facts and integrity:

They’re silent because to not be silent would admit that they’ve been lying through their teeth all this time.

It’s always Trump. Even when it’s not.

It really is. But the saddest part is that as long as the media and Democrats continue to prop each other up, they’ll never really have to answer for it.

It certainly should be.

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