The Washington Examiner’s Siraj Hashmi did the unthinkable today and suggested that — despite the media’s latest narrative — the Left might be playing a role in the violence and riots erupting in cities around the country:

As Hashmi points out:

When protesters were being arrested by the hundreds in June, [Kamala] Harris, then yet to become Biden’s running mate, and Biden’s campaign staff promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF). The MFF then received $35 million in donations to bail out protesters, including those charged with serious violent crimes.

MFF paid $75,000 in bail for Jaleel Stallings, charged with attempted murder after allegedly firing his modified pistol at a SWAT team. For the pre-trial release of Darnika Floyd, who faces second-degree murder charges for allegedly stabbing and killing her friend, MFF paid $100,000. And for Christopher Boswell, a twice-convicted rapist currently charged with kidnapping, assault, and sexual assault in two separate cases, MFF doled out a whopping $350,000.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund was just one group that didn’t take crime seriously in the lead-up to the current crime wave. Progressive groups also lobbied for the releases of thousands of convicted prisoners and inmates due to concerns over covid-19 in prisons. These included Ibrahim Bouiachi, indicted on charges of rape, strangulation, and abduction. While Democrats were advocating defunding the police, he returned to the home of his accuser, Karla Dominguez, and killed her in late July.

Hashmi’s making a pretty good case for blaming the violence at least in part on progressives. And that just isn’t sitting well with New York Times contributing op-ed writer Wajahat Ali:

Why should Hashmi get his phone taken away? He’s not the one gaslighting and acting like a colossal, dishonest jackass.

When will CNN fact-check Wajahat Ali?

But Wajahat doesn’t like facts that aren’t convenient.

Show us where Hashmi said something unreasonable. We’ll wait.


Who’s drinking Kool-Aid? Ali wouldn’t know a fact if one beat him up and set him on fire.

Well said. Hashmi is capable of seeing the flaws on the Right, but Ali refuses to do that with the Left. Ali should probably have his phone taken away until he’s ready to start being intellectually honest.

That’s good advice, Wajahat. You should take it.



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