While you were watching Ivanka Trump speak at the RNC last night, Andrea Bernstein, who cohosts the “Trump, Inc.” podcast for WNYC and ProPublica, was fighting an inferno.

You’re going to want to read this:

Dear. God.

Yes, you should definitely order that book. You wouldn’t want to miss out on intrepid and consequential journalism like this:

Please do, Andrea! America — nay, the world — needs answers.

Well, somebody’s got to!

Only the bravest would so doggedly pursue the truth in the face of such a daunting ratio:

Godspeed, Andrea. Thank you for your sacrifice.

If she weren’t, we’d have to invent her.



No, she did. She totally did:

And here’s what Andrea found out:

She must be so disappointed. Still, at least it was worth it!