As Twitchy told you, Principled Conservative™ Steve Schmidt of the Principled Conservative™ Lincoln Project proclaimed that Marco Rubio, given the choice, would’ve gladly stayed in Cuba to lick Fidel Castro’s boots:

Regardless of how you feel about Marco Rubio, decent people should immediately recognize that Schmidt’s swipe is disgusting and shameful.

Well, as the object of Schmidt’s vile smear, Rubio’s entitled to offer a rebuttal. And boy, did he:

Fact check: True.

Seriously, Schmidt’s tweets weren’t just below-the-belt gutter trash; they had no basis in fact. Rubio’s assessment of Schmidt, on the other hand, absolutely checks out.

He’s most definitely not wrong.

We’d say it’s done been got. Rubio clearly touched a nerve:

Sorry, who’s projecting?

We don’t blame Steve for wanting to shift the focus off of his own garbage-personhood. After all, if we’d revealed ourselves to be horrible people with no low to which we would not stoop.

Guess not.

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