We can’t begin to know what David Hogg went through when a gunman opened fire at Stoneman Douglas High School and murdered his classmates. Law enforcement let him and his fellow students down by leaving them vulnerable.

But how does that justify his insistence that, in the midst of violent rioting in Chicago, it’s the police who are the problem?

This weekend’s rioting in Chicago reportedly began as a result of a 20-year-old man being shot by police — who were returning fire after he shot at them. The man is expected to survive. The city? Well, the prognosis isn’t great. At least not right now.

There’s evidence that the riots didn’t just materialize organically, though. The presence of large vehicles — including at least one U-Haul truck — suggest that there was a method to looters’ madness.

Except what’s happening in Chicago (and in other cities) is violent looting. And the daily murders aren’t happening as a result of police. Chicago has shattered homicide records this year despite the police, not because of them. Moreover, using murder to justify violent protests is deranged.

We hear the rioters’ language loud and clear, David.

Spoken like someone who prefers platitudes to thoughtful discourse.

Hogg professes to be fighting others’ ignorance, but it’s his own ignorance he should be worried about.

He thinks his self-righteous indignation makes him right.

And that take right there is rock-solid proof that he’s not a serious person. Instead of shining a light on actual police corruption, he’s issuing blanket statements rooted in wokeness, not reality.

Our country can certainly do better than what David Hogg has to offer.