CNN knows the real reason Donald Trump’s been going after TikTok. They did an analysis and everything!

Check out this thoughtful “analysis”:

President Donald Trump’s threat to ban the app TikTok adds up to more than a grumpy 70-something spoiling the kids’ fun — it could herald a new hi-tech iron curtain that divides the world. Silly videos of kids lip-syncing pop songs seem harmless enough. But the app’s critics warn that because it is owned by a Chinese company, Beijing could force it to turn over data on millions of American users and even infiltrate US corporations.

Those cybersecurity concerns are not unfounded — Chinese law requires local companies to cooperate with government intelligence-gathering. But there’s also plenty of room for skepticism over Trump’s motives: Teenage trolls used the app to register fake signs-up for his low-turnout rally in Oklahoma in June. Comedian Sarah Cooper TikToks her videos mercilessly lampooning his speeches. And the President hasn’t shown the same interest in issues connected to US-based Facebook, which has served as a platform for his disinformation.

TikTok could be the biggest casualty yet of the crossfire unleashed when Trump turned on Beijing to boost his reelection effort. “I know TikTok’s fun. But it’s dangerous,” Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro told Fox News. “Does the Chinese Communist Party know where your children are? And the answer could be yeah.” (Here’s some free intel for the Chinese: The kids are all at home instead of school or college because of the botched US handling of Covid-19).

Love the snark, CNN. Always something you look for in a serious analysis.

To their credit, at least CNN’s analyst acknowledge that the “cybersecurity concerns are not unfounded.” How gracious of them.

They may as well have.