Despite being confronted with an online petition signed by a few thousand righteously indignant, stunningly woke Americans, Trader Joe’s is sticking with their “racist branding and packaging.” The nerve.

Don’t the powers that be at Trader Joe’s care about all the people whose hearts they’re breaking?

In her article in the Business section, Samantha Masunaga writes:

Having to contend with a wedge issue could be a turnoff for younger shoppers, who tend to want the companies they support to have social values that dovetail with their own.

“They’re looking for that community and that brand promise,” said Courtney Newell, chief executive of Crowned Marketing and Communications and author of “FutureProof: The Blueprint for Building a Brand Gen Z and Millennials Love.” “Those are really the things that are going to drive their [purchasing] decisions.”

If shoppers embrace a brand because it resonates with them emotionally, then a difference of opinion can feel like a betrayal.

A betrayal!

Seriously, the fact that there’s any outrage over this “wedge issue” is ridiculous.


It’s not Trader Joe’s, that’s for damn sure.

What a dumb time to be alive.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.

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