There aren’t too many members of the MSM whose loss we’d mourn around here … but exceptions do exist.

In case you hadn’t heard, CBS News has announced a bunch of layoffs:

That news prompted some questions from journalist Yashar Ali:

Guess some people just aren’t special enough. People like CBS News staple Mark Knoller, apparently:

Mark Knoller is one of those notable exceptions we were referring to above.

For what it’s worth, here’s what Knoller had to say today:

It’s not clear whether “still on the job” means he has not, in fact, been laid off or that his dismissal from CBS News just hasn’t taken effect yet.

What’s crystal-clear, however, is that Knoller’s departure from CBS News would leave a tremendous void.

CBS News showing Mark Knoller the door would demonstrate quite conclusively that their priority is not journalism.

Cross your fingers that Catherine Herridge escapes the guillotine.