New York Times opinion columnist Michelle Goldberg has struggled a bit with Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden, but she seems to have finally settled into a position that works for her:

Yes, so nuanced. Tara Reade isn’t necessarily lying, but she’s probably lying. Because Dems need her to be lying.


Since then, commentators on the left and right have compared Reade to Blasey, usually to accuse mainstream Democrats of hypocrisy. Democrats, the argument goes, supported a movement whose slogan is “Believe women,” and yet many are unconvinced by this particular woman. Checkmate, libs!

You guys.

Doesn’t matter. Reade’s allegations are inconvenient for Michelle Goldberg and other Democrats. Therefore they don’t matter.

All hell would’ve broken loose. Of course, the NYT would never give credibility to the RNC … but we get Jeryl Bier’s point.

No wonder Stephen L. Miller busted out his weeks-old thread on Goldberg’s hackery:

But she doesn’t want to play by them. She wants two completely different sets of rules.

They know it … and they’re just fine with it.



NYT columnist Michelle Goldberg laments ‘what a nightmare’ it’s become for Joe Biden in light of developments in Tara Reade case