Stacey Abrams hasn’t yet been chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate, but she’s got at least one champion who says she’s perfect for the job. And that champion is … Stacey Abrams.

It is most definitely not Democratic Rep. Lacy Clay:

More of Clay’s remarks from the Daily Caller:

“Here’s what I do know. And it’s like all of the other presidential candidates, Democratic presidential primary candidates and their supporters, OK, we went through a process, Bernie Sanders has conceded, and this applies to Stacey [Abrams] too,” Clay said on the Tangazo! podcast.

He added: “You know, at the race track, you cannot show up at the winner’s window with loser’s tickets. You haven’t won anything. You can’t show up at the winner’s window with loser’s tickets and demand anything.”

“I’ll tell you what is somewhat offensive to me, is when you are marketing yourself as a VP candidate,” Clay added, stating that “for you to be out there marketing and putting on a PR campaign that way, I think it’s inappropriate.”

He’s not wrong, you know.