Breaking news from Newsweek, everybody:

This sounds intriguing! Tell us more!

Viewership of Hannity relative to Carlson’s show was associated with around 30 percent more cases of Covid-19 on March 14 and 21 percent more deaths due to the virus on March 28, according to the study.

The effect is said to have trailed off after that, which the researchers suggest happened because there was a “gradual convergence in scripts” for the shows that started in late February.

The study argues that Hannity began shifting his views as the scale of the impending health crisis became clear in late February. By mid-March, areas with high viewership for Hannity were said to have correlated with areas hit hardest by the pandemic, while those who preferred Tucker Carlson Tonight tended to be located in areas impacted less severely.

No, no. It definitely sounds totally legit and not at all flawed.

Read it and weep for the state of our media:

So … mission accomplished.

But … but … Fox News!

How much time have you got?

Last word to Ted Cruz: