Earlier this week, Rep. Justin Amash weighed in pretty extensively on the COVID19 relief package. His thread included this:

“Corporate welfare”? Um, OK. GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw had some thoughts on that:

In the past, Justin Amash has had useful things to add to our political discourse.

This … is not one of those things:

Sounds like somebody’s been reading Democratic Party talking points!

A lot of the responses to Amash’s tweet suggest that this proves that the TEA Party was fundamentally a racist movement whose beef with Barack Obama was entirely motivated by racism:

But isn’t it even more likely that Amash just doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about?

That must be it.

But loans are “corporate welfare” now.

Amash is trying to turn apples into oranges. Remind you of anyone else?

You don’t have to be an economics major to recognize that there’s a difference between a “corporate welfare fund” and a much-needed injection of money into the economy to keep it alive.

Do better, Justin Amash. It’s easy if you try.