Skeptic magazine publisher and “Science Salon” podcast host Dr. Michael Shermer has been crunching the COVID19 numbers, and what he’s found will shock you:

Serious? It’s downright scary.

Scary that someone with nearly 180,000 Twitter followers is peddling terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad math.

Extremely. Shermer is attempting to compare apples to oranges here. Unless the entire population of Italy has COVID19, the number of COVID19 cases in Italy is … not comparable to the population of the United States. Shermer’s talking about two different things. Moreover, the demographics of Italy’s population are not the same as those of the United States. A significant percentage of Italy’s population is over 65. That matters.

Math matters.

There appears to be an epidemic of mathematical illiteracy on the Left.

But hey:

So at least there’s that.