The Washington Post’s Philip Bump can’t help but be struck by the “sudden push to identify the coronavirus as coming from China”:

Don’t bother bringing up that COVID19 originated in China … Philip doesn’t want to hear it:

Pointing out that COVID19 originated in China is a strategy?

Good question. If Philip stands behind his take, why would he try to memory-hole these?

Maybe Philip thought that by deleting his tweets, he’d avoid having to explain himself.

He thought wrong.

Hold up, Erielle. Not so fast:

Weird. Bump deleted that one, too. Almost like the “insight” in his article is that while the Chinese government wants to shift the focus away from itself and onto America, they’re kind of justified because the virus is in America now.

What’s not surprising is that Philip would try to save face by deleting that tweet, too.

Maybe the problem is with the article, Philip.

That would indeed be a better use of Philip’s time. But the MSM have a new narrative to protect and perpetuate, so don’t hold your breath.