Yesterday, the Washington Post’s crackerjack team of fake news debunkers took aim at GOP Sen. Tom Cotton’s thoughts on the coronavirus situation:

The thing was, the Washington Post wasn’t really debunking what Cotton said; they just took liberties with what he said to make it sound like he was pushing “a coronavirus conspiracy theory.”

Well, not that the WaPo gave a damn, but Cotton attempted to set the record straight about what he said:

What, exactly, is “conspiratorial” about suggesting that the Chinese government isn’t being upfront about what’s going on? They’ve already been shown to have been deceptive (at best) with regard to the coronavirus spread (and definitely with regard to lots of other things). It seems perfectly reasonable to question their honesty. Merely laying out the possible explanations for what happened is not “fanning the embers of” a conspiracy theory.

The Washington Post seems hellbent on skewering Tom Cotton’s credibility instead of actually trying to get to the bottom of what’s going on. That should tell you something.