In case you missed it — and you very well may have, as the MSM by and large didn’t seem to think it was worth covering — a man intentionally drove his car into a voter registration tent staffed by Trump campaign volunteers:

Why wasn’t this more newsworthy? Was it just a “local crime story”?

Well, to their credit, Politico covered it today. Too bad this is the angle they went with:

This is not a drill, folks. They’re really doing this:

We honestly don’t even know what to say about this.

Who in the bloody hell thought this was the proper angle here?

What makes it even worse is that this sort of crap has become predictable. As disgusting and shameful as Politico’s spin is, we’d’ve been shocked had they not gone this route. Guess this story just wasn’t worth covering until someone could find a way to make Republicans the bad guys.