Sebastian Gorka isn’t exactly a universally beloved figure among conservative. And that’s OK. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

What’s not OK, though, is sitting way up high on a moral high horse while stooping to nasty lows. Go figure, that’s exactly what #NeverTrump torchbearer and morally superior True Conservative™ Rick Wilson is doing:

God forbid Wilson criticize Gorka on substance when it’s lots more fun — and is worth way more Resistance points — to call him a “sandy mangina” and make fun of his accent.

To be fair to Rick Wilson, this isn’t exactly new:

But by all means, let’s look to Rick Wilson for guidance on conserving conservatism.

At least he’s become much more comfortable showcasing his vileness for a wider audience.

The best thing Trump will have done may very well be bringing people’s latent awfulness to the surface for all to see.



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