Hey, remember Lincoln Chafee? Neither did we. Until today, when we learned that he’s apparently thinking about running for president again:


Chafee filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission on Sunday creating a Lincoln Chafee for President campaign committee based in Teton Village, Wyoming, where he and his wife now make their home. A related website indicates he plans to run for the Libertarian Party nomination, as he has previously suggested he might do.

Chafee plans to deliver a speech at the National Press Club in Washington on Wednesday morning to “make an announcement concerning the 2020 Presidential race,” according to a news release posted to social media Monday.

“I’m looking forward to having a conversation with members of the Libertarian Party and the American people about fiscal responsibility, protecting our personal freedoms, and ending these needless and costly wars,” Chafee said in a statement.

The decision marks yet another twist in Chafee’s complex political odyssey, which has taken him from scion of Rhode Island’s most revered Republican family to an independent and then a long-shot Democratic candidate for president four years ago. The latter effort ended after his universally panned performance in CNN’s first presidential debate.

Well, this time will be different. This time, he’s gonna show everyone what they missed last time around.

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