Today is a very sad day for Elie Mystal and readers of the Above the Law blog (not to be confused with Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog). Until today, Mystal — also a Nation contributor — was the executive editor of Above the Law, but he just can’t do it anymore.

Mystal writes:

But, I will be leaving the day-to-day safety of Above the Law because, well, Brett Kavanaugh broke me. Sitting here and watching an alleged attempted rapist get installed on the Supreme Court — with the shocking support of most of the elite legal institutions, at least initially — while most of the mainstream media missed all the other ways that man is unfit to judge even the Rose Bowl parade, did something to my brain. I was in on the sordid dishonesty of Kavanaugh from the day he was announced as Anthony Kennedy’s replacement. I understood that, like Trump, Kavanaugh is not a cause so much as he is a symptom: in this case a symptom of the Federalist Society’s wholesale reduction of judicial credentials to “Republicans win always.”

Everybody who reads me here already understands what the Federalist Society is, and you’re either already doing what you can to stop them, or you are complicit in their takeover. I can’t tell you anything you don’t know, or anything some of you haven’t already shamefully accepted.

Where did we put our hankies?