As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN hall monitor and resident Fox News authority Brian Stelter was very troubled by Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s appearance on “FOX & Friends” today (despite other SCOTUS justices appearing on Real News programs like “The Daily Show” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”):

Well, this will probably come as a major shock, but it turns out that Stelter’s not the only one at CNN who’s disturbed. Here’s CNN natsec and legal analyst Susan Hennessey:

Was it also “a bad look” when Gorsuch appeared on CNN?

Allow us to translate from Hennessese: “Yes, but that was different because this time he went on Fox News and we don’t like Fox News.”

Ha! Seems like a fair question at this point. Particularly in light of fellow CNN analyst Asha Rangappa’s own take on Gorsuch’s Fox News appearance, which is arguably even stupider than Hennessey’s:

Gee, we have no idea! This is unprecedented, that’s for sure.

Running into heavy traffic would ultimately be less painful than trying to justify Rangappa’s outrage. Apparently Asha, like Susan, can’t seem to muster the same level of righteous indignation over Gorsuch’s appearing on her own network:

And Gorsuch wasn’t even the only SCOTUS justice to sit in the CNN spotlight:

And not only that, but Ginsburg was the subject of a fawning film on … CNN.


Seems to be a widespread problem over there.

Because they’re partisan hacks. Plain and simple.